Fridays Scottish Blogs




Indy ref two brings us to pieces today the first by Alan Knight a video with written comment comment on the subject of Ruth Davidson or as I like to think of the elusive Ruth Davidson. Unless of course it’s something that bigs her up.

The second piece is also a video this time of Alex Salmon’s new talk show.

Holyrood chronicles has two concise pieces today one on the times description of a modern day Conservative, the second piece concerning David Davidson’s idea that politics should not trump prosperity or something.

Munguin’s Republic also goes with the News Watch Scotland video covering the BBC’s protective embrace of Ruth Davidson.

James Kelly at Scot goes pop references a Twitter spat between Leask of the Herald and it seems everyone who supports independence. I doubt Mr Leask will lower himself to read this but I think Mr Kelly gives good advice.

Arc of prosperity looks at the nuts and bolts of minimum pricing how will the shops who sell the alcohol will react with their pricing policy.

Iain McWhirter wonders if the Brexiteers are actually anarchists in this article remoulded from the Herald

Caitlin Logan goes with the suspension from the party of SNP SMP Mark McDonald who resigned recently from the frontbench.

Robin McAlpine goes with hypocrisy and how difficult some people find it to toe the right and accepted line.

John Paul Clark has a piece on the homeless and what is unconditional love.

Caitlin Logan pops up again with a piece on bullying at North Lanarkshire Council.

And again Miss Logan has a piece on bullying in an Edinburgh private school.

Mike small takes a wee look at the Herald’s prize-giving day and notes that you can get a prize for criticising another prizewinner.

Mike again has a video up covering mountains and mountains of plastic generated by our Christmas excesses.

George Monbiot has a video about why the present government hates you.

The final piece is a review of photographer Martin Parr’s work on the clichés of Scotland.

The good news blog, Talking up Scotland, has a piece on Scotland being the most productive part of the UK outside of, yes you guessed it, London and the south.

A link to a landmark study which suggests Tory austerity is responsible for 120,000 deaths.

The third piece is a rather interesting look at how street names may affect how you view yourself. For instance anyone living in Union Square, how did you vote in the 2014 referendum?

Talking up Scotland final piece for today asks whether the Scottish Tories will try to steal the credit for overturning the ridiculous situation where the police and fire brigade in Scotland are the only ones in the UK expected to pay VAT.

Thursdays Scottish Blogs



Business for Scotland has its regular weekly Scottish business buzz covering a new competition launched by virgin start-up for new start-up businesses.

News about ultrafast broadband arriving in Sunderland.

A piece about UK consumer price inflation and another about Edinburgh and Glasgow airports breaking records.

Munguin’s republic asks how it’s all going and decides it’s maybe not going quite so well as Theresa May would hope. As an added bonus he has a piece about Petula Clark who has a birthday, he is a big fan by all accounts.

James Kelly at Scott goes pop delves into a new ICM poll to discover nothing but bad news for Labour and good news for the SNP.

Wee Ginger dug asks what happened to the sovereignty the Brexiters were so desperate to return to Westminster.

Peter a bell at Scotto voce has two pieces up one bemoaning the fact that too many people don’t read the small print especially when it comes to the new minimum alcohol pricing which hopefully will be on the statute books soon.

In a good place his second piece argues that Nicholas Sturgeon has many options at her disposal when it comes to the second independence referendum.

First article of three today from common space is by Linda Pearson who has a deep look into nuclear weapons.

Caitlin Logan writes about the recent UK Supreme Court’s decision to allow the Scottish government to go ahead after a five year battle with minimum alcohol pricing.

Caitlin second piece covers Labour’s investigation into Alex Rowley the interim leader of the Labour Party who has had to stand down amid allegations made by a former partner.

Bella has a piece by Kevin Williamson who in a previous life was an integral part of the team at Bella. This piece is an interview with Kurdish poet and activist be Bejan Matur.

This is followed by a piece on food boycotts.

A good piece from an Irishman Phil Mac Giolla Bhain on the Irish situation and that border the Westminster seems to think doesn’t exist.

A season in the new North covers all the events for your diary over the next wee while if you have an interest in what is happening in your country.

Our final blog for today is thought control Scotland hosted by Prof John Robertson an covers four topics today.

Scotland’s airports and their record-breaking throughput.

Scotland unemployment beating the rest of the UK.

The Scottish government’s victory over the Scottish Whisky Association and the fight for minimum alcohol pricing.

Finally a piece about the drop in the number of shops closing albeit the closures are still ahead of the new starts.

Take the time to follow the links in these pieces as you can find some interesting publications that are not mainstream but contain a lot of good information.