First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 190418

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Ruth Davidson used her four questions to try and unsuccessfully link the SNP government and the SNP party with Cambridge Analitica, but Davidson carried on with no credibility other than her supercilious smirk.

Richard Leonard raised questions on the incompetence of Tayside NHS, and his solution was that Shona Robinson should resign her post as health secretary.

Willie Rennie raise questions on NHS mental health provision. There are several other constituency questions on national health provision ranging from GP provision to small injuries units in hospitals.

Interesting questions on Scotland’s health leading on from the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the fact that we are not now healthy sports fiends.

Interesting question from Ivan McKee on the UK government’s decision to put out to overseas tender the building of new Royal Navy ships, not only was Scotland lied to during the referendum, but it looks like English shipyards Will more than likely lose out as well. I

Altogether an interesting first ministers question time.


Scottish Blogs Thursday 19th April 2018


Business for Scotland has its weekly Scottish business us published today and covers a new international marketing initiative, also covers a new publication which sets out how digitisation automation and other innovations will affect the Scottish Labour market and an article on a survey of small and medium-sized business owners who would like to reset the Brexit negotiations with a view to staying in the European single market.

Mungo in’s Republic opens his blog with a series of photographs of gardens followed by a collection of memes covering the Windrush debacle and what it has managed to distract us from.

Wee Ginger dug covers the recently published ‘how to start a new country’ authored by Robin McAlpine of common weal and gives us his take on its importance.

Craig Murray in his piece today continues to accumulate evidence to support his position that there is no irrefutable proof that Russia was responsible for the Novicock attack on Salisbury.

Pete Wishart publishes a Parliamentary exchange (at least I think it’s a parliamentary exchange) from 22 October 2013 covering immigration and the ramifications of the proposed government policy. It looks decidedly like his crystal ball was working perfectly in 2013.

Prof Robertson wins today’s most articles in a blog prize, with articles on tidal power in the Pentland Firth, huge increases in visits to Scotland historical attractions, he continues with his media reporting. It looks like he intends to do this on a daily basis. A piece on the Scottish government increased to the severe weather fund of £250,000 and finally a piece on the in accuracy of the reporting of the extent of the SNP’s contact with Cambridge analytical. As usual Prof Robertson has all the links for you to follow and make up your own mind about his conclusions.

Grumpy Scottish man lays out his thoughts on the Supreme Court and the likely outcome of the Westminster governments attack on the Scottish and Welsh parliaments withdrawal bills. He is not overconfident that the result will favour Scotland or Wales.

Scottish Blogs Wednesday 18th April 2018


Indy ref two has a piece today about e-voting, covering the Scottish government’s plans to trial and possibly in the future introduce this form of voting.

Munguin’s Republic has two pieces up today the first is about UKIPs call in Wales for an investigation into cleaning up Welsh politics. The second article is a series of questions he would like Mrs May and her government to answer regarding who she supports and sell arms to in the various conflicts around the world.

Wings over Scotland gives us a list of all labours abstentions in recent years and points out the words on a pretty gravestone, I hope there were some Labour red faces as they left their former comrade spinning in his grave.

Craig Murray starts this piece ‘living in Goebbels land’ with a couple of paragraphs about Robert Fisk’s report from Syria pointing out that the criticism of Fisk’s piece is coming from armchair journalists who are not on the ground. He then moves onto what for me is much more important, the SNP’s reaction to the Westminster governments criticisms and accusations of Russia. The points he makes certainly generate food for thought and all independence supporters should read this.

Wee Ginger dug with Paul Kavanagh back at the helm gives Jeremy Clarkson a prod and suggests that many in Scotland are fed up being led by Westminster’s warmongering. He also points out that trust is in short supply when it comes to statements emanating out of Westminster governments.

Peter a Bell over at Scotto voice publishes a piece based on the new deal brokered for BiFab, the fabrication yards,recently brokered by management, unions and importantly the Scottish government. Well worth a read this as I hope many will be noticing what Peter points out, solution based action from the SNP government.

Prof John Robertson’s blog talking up Scotland has three articles up today one covering his monitoring of our TV news reports which I think he’s going to do as a regular contribution to the debate. This is his specialty so we should pay attention. His second piece is a comparison between the BBC and the nonpartisan Insider magazine underlining previous points regarding bias. His third piece covers good news about Scottish universities and their ability to, as numerous Westminster more politicians would say punch above their weight.

Grumpy Scottish man has a swipe at Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and its policy of serial abstention.

Scottish Bog Report 17th April 2018


Indy ref two today’s blog covers the Esther McVie comments on the rape clause and the fact that the BBC has abstained in labour fashion from mentioning it on the news bulletins.

Munguin’s Republic goes with the Windrush story and the abysmal treatment of Caribbean British citizens by May’s government. He asks does it have ramifications for EU citizens at present resident in the UK.

Craig Murray reports on Robert Fisk’s report, from Douma, yes he is actually in Douma unlike other journalists who report with such certainty.

Peter a bell at Scotto voce stays with the timing of a second independence referendum and discusses Caroline Leckie’s view on the subject.

In his first article Prof John Robertson’s headline says it all, Scottish Chamber of Commerce describes first Minister’s trip to China is successful. BBC Scotland polish the biased by omission skills. Staying with the BBC the second piece discusses the accumulative effect of continual negative propaganda from auntie Beeb.

Grumpy Scottish man discusses the MPs, celebrities and business people who have come together to try to force a vote on the final deal around leaving the EU.

Random public journal has obviously been watching Leask of the Herald’s recent Twitter spat or maybe I should say yet another Twitter spat from Leask. Don’t think random public approves of Mr Leask’s position.

Bar head boy treats us to a wee rant on bias in the mainstream media and what we should do about it, good read and relevant to the bombardment those of us who support yes seem to be continually under from the British press in Scotland.








Scottish Blog Report Friday 13th April


Indy ref two is first piece of the last 24 hours covers wings over Scotland piece on BBC biased regarding shop closures in Scotland. Indy ref second piece covers what he sees as an attack by Angela Haggerty on iScot, the independently published monthly magazine covering Scottish issues, Indy ref two contends that Miss Haggerty may be getting just a little paranoid. Today’s final piece from Indy ref two covers the lack of representation on the BBC of SNP MPs and highlights one particular instance of footage been recorded but not used.

Munguin’s new Republic as three screen grabs today covering the different leaders of UK and Scottish parties and their various policy positions.

James Kelly over at Scott goes pop jumps into or continues to take part in the debate about the timing of any new independence referendum and suggests a couple of solutions to problems that have been raised.

The previously mentioned piece is in part a reply to wings over Scotland the elephant in the court room piece published yesterday. As ever Stuart Campbell delves into the various scenarios that could develop over any request for a section 30 from Westminster. This piece is a must read for any yes supporters.

As mentioned on our live broadcast yesterday this is the last guest piece by Samuel Miller and as a plea for the wider yes movement to support the alternative media outlets that give a voice to the yes movement.

Craig Murray covers the the organisation for the Prohibition of chemical weapons report, the OPCW is an independent laboratory which is used to test for chemical weapons and and asks if this report in fact answers the question of the origin of the nerve agent used in Salisbury.

An excellent piece today from Iain McWhirter about the attempt to grab power by Westminster from Holyrood. If you read nothing else today read this he lays out clearly and succinctly exactly what Westminster is attempting to do my stripping powers from Holyrood. And coincidentally ends up giving Nicholas Sturgeon a metaphorical pat on the back.

Peter a Bell over at Scotto voce continues to hammer home his point about the timing of a second independence referendum and underlines the dangers of ignoring the manoeuvres of the British state.

Bella Caledonia has a piece by Bill Ramsay the convener of SNP CND in which he covers the looming missile strikes in Syria. His metaphor of a theater is chilling.

Talking up Scotland Prof John Robertson’s blog highlights the difference in numbers of health visitors between Scotland and the rest of the UK. And yes it is good news.

Grumpy Scottish man gives us a list of the countries the UK sells arms to and points out the the UK may well be the source of the chemicals needed to produce the chemical weapons used in Syria.

Grouse Beater gives us an in-depth look at the car industry, whose shutting down what, and how are those diesel vehicles doing? Brexit anyone?

Scottish Blogs Thursday 12th April 2018


Munguin’s new Republic has a meme that we should spread far and wide of Mr Mundell, Westminster’s man in Scotland, informing us that the devolution settlement in Scotland is due for significant change.

Wings over Scotland goes with an in-depth look at a Price Waterhouse report which according to the BBC suggests Scotland’s high streets are shutting down faster than anywhere else in the UK. It turns out not to be the case as ever wings gets to the truth.

Wee Ginger dug with Samuel Miller still at the helm, and asks us why we put up with our politicians happily destroying our communities and indeed our country.

Craig Murray has three different short pieces up today, starting with the worrying trend to war in Syria, second piece is a bit cheerier with a plug for the ‘Doune the Rabbit Hole’ festival in Fife on the 13th of 15 July maybe think about going guys. In his most recent blog he returns to the Skripal case and questions the veracity of the recent statement issued by Yulia Skripal.

Peter a bell goes with the ‘Constitutional Reform Group’, this popped up, not for the first time, on Twitter yesterday and as Peter says its the dream list that British nationalists would dearly love to see put into law. I’m glad to see Peter has put a health warning on the authenticity of this document it is yet to be verified. If it is true, be afraid, be very afraid.