Novichok — Again

Westminster automatically lies and keeps secrets that deny it any credibility. Now there are more victims in the Salisbury area.

BBC broadcast live from outside the Amesbury home of the latest victims.

The Baptist church.


An exciting square of grass taped off.


Media trucks.


I’m alone at the check-out in ALDI “Quiet?”


“Towns like the living dead”






First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 070618


Ruth Davis led on Law and Order, main point being violent offenders being tagged or paroled and continuing offending, in this case murder.
Richard Leonard, NHS delayed discharges which were all Shona Robeson’s fault, again. (getting predictable)
Patrick Harvey on teacher dissatisfaction according to an EIS survey.
Willy Rennie reciting statistics on NHS and not making any sense.
10 constituency questions on company closures, US steel tarrifs,
V&A Dundee, health and safety… and Kezia wanted to know whether Nicola was meeting Arlene when she comes over to play the flute in July.