First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 151118

Excited buzz in the chamber air as the Prime Minister was on her feet talking Brexit in the House of Commons when FMQs kicked off.

Jackson Carlaw was on a hiding and the First Minister gave it to him. Richard Leonard totally missed his chances, Patrick Harvie led for the Indyref Now posse and even Willie Rennie was tuned in for the occasion.

Nicola Sturgeon was in top form and really enjoyed herself outlining her position on Brexit and stating that she would make a decision about another independence referendum in weeks.


November daisies…


First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 081118


Jackson Carlaw spent four questions in the fantasyland of Tories wanting to spend more on the NHS.
Richard Leonard wastes his first question by not asking a coherent question, second attempt nailed it to the time allowed the DWP and Councils to collect debt.
Willy Rennie was unusually positive today on the subject of the Michelin closure and Brexit opposition.
Constituency questions on financing mountain rescue teams, living wage, music lessons, food banks, NHS and single person discounts for council tax and water.
James Kelly brought up bigotry and racism in football following the Neil Lennon incident, seems to have forgotten that his benches supported the repeal of the offensive behaviour legislation.

First Ministers Questions from Holyrood 011118

Scottish Government Headquarters Building in Leith  By Paul Davidson..


Jackson Carlaw’s miserable economy attack. It’s a ‘damn statistics’ engagement with the FM.

Still drowning in student debt from a Richard Leonard speech jokingly dismissed by the FM.

Patrick Harvie exposed the heartless Tory policy that cast asylum seekers into rough sleepers. We will invest support from the FM.


First Ministers Questions from Holyrood 251018


Dumyat summit (above)

The cast was refreshed with Ruth Davidson replaced by Jackson Carlaw. JC said I am the first man to lead for my party for 13 years and then said “I quite like the First Minister”. No fireworks today then. He focussed on the faulty mesh implants in women and revealed that some sufferers were in the gallery. JC wanted a formal Government (SG) apology…..The FM repeated an apology and pointed out that the issue is reserved therefore her Government is limited in its ability to act.

Richard Leonard (RL) jumped up onto his soapbox for another campaign speech referencing an Audit Scotland report about the NHS…..The FM disagreed with the report saying that it failed to include £3.3 bn. extra now allocated.

Patrick Harvie brought up a planned protest by teachers about their pay…..The FM said that negotiations were ongoing and in view of satisfactory settlements with the NHS and Police that teachers could expect a similar result.

Willie Rennie spluttered about NHS targets not being met and wanted to know what the penalties would be for “breaking the target law”…..The FM said that all health services were experiencing increased demand and that restructuring plans would relieve some pressure on the NHS.

Gillian Martin raised the Theresa May “hostile migration environment” by highlighting the unjust threatened deporting of the Connelly family. The FM replied that even the Daily Record described the Tory Government policy as disastrous.

Daniel Johnston raised the row over a proposed gunshop in Edinburgh and managed to include the row about a goat being shot in Islay. The FM said that most gun issues are reserved. Mark Ruskell wanted SG climate change targets to be tightened.

Tom Arthur reprised the row caused by a statement from Michelle Ballantyne over the two child benefit policy. (aka “rape clause”)

Also raised were: Low pay of foreign workers on the Beatrice wind farm , Limits of flu jags , Summer time clock changes ,  Topical issue of a “right to rehab” for all stroke victims.



Grumpies attack GMB Union abusers…


DSC_0020Dunmore at high tide (above)

GMB Union abuse poor workers in Glasgow. Racist Edinburgh Labour councillor Scott Arthur. BBC to launch extra propaganda TV channel. SNP on back foot over GMB abuse and Scot Gov subsidy of UK welfare. Workers forced to subsidise Labour unions. Elite Labour only representing workers.