Aye Right Radio videocast 67 podcast 127.

Nicola Sturgeon’s press conference today, the various mistakes and apologies made in the press over the last 24 hours in regard to the SNP and we discussion on the direction of travel for the yes movement.


Audio podcast 127


Michael Barnier this week’s Brexit negotiations

Aye Right Radio videocast 63 podcast 123.

Phase 1 rule breakers threaten virus deaths & return of lockdown…FM Sturgeon  threatens legal measures “we will consider any action , it’s not a popularity contest , it can change in a heartbeat”…Health Secretary Freeman skelps Tony Banks the overpaid care home oligarch…Rees-Mogg…Jackson(pish)Carlaw…#Cumgate , Dom above the law.

Main thrust of today’s show is Nicola Sturgeon’s press conference which inevitably brings us on to care homes and the reaction to the easing of lockdown restrictions at the weekend. We cover Jackson Carlaw’s accusation that Holyrood had been shut down due to the shenanigans of the SNP and Ross Greer of the Greens reaction to it.


Audio podcast 123

Great page for Scottish coronavirus statistics.


Aye Right Radio videocast 62 podcast 122.

Police Scotland/Crown Prosecution corruption…Clowns running the USA and the UK, a pocket guide by Fidelma Cook…#Cumgate update…NIKE kilts scandal…UK dictatorship?

On the Sunday show the boys discuss..

International support for ex Ambassador Craig Murray’s contempt of court charges.

Fidelma Cook on “Clowns in US & Clowns in UK” and Scotland wanted in Europe.

New revelations about the Nike/Covid19 conference in Edinburgh.

Dominic Cummings. Who really runs the UK?


Audio podcast 122.

Aye Right Radio videocast 61 podcast 121.

Fascist UK as seen from abroad..Cummings beyond the law..Muffled media..Johnson silences scientists..SERCO corrupt contracts..Virus average trans rate 4 days..Trump Twitter war

Norrie, Jimmy and Stewart talk about the lack of journalistic coverage of the present government, that governments refusal to put up spokespersons for the main TV political programmes and what effect this will have on the politics of the UK. We also discussed the view of the U.K.’s political setup from overseas does affect all political parties will this lack of scrutiny continue to adversely affect the power dynamics of our democracy.


Audio podcast 121.

The view from abroad….