First Minister’s Questions 25th April 2019

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Not much mention of 2nd Independence referendum today, Jackson Carlaw led on the alleged failure of Curriculum of Excellence, despite figures showing the opposite.
There were also 4 varied constituency questions on the same subject.
Richard Leonard brought up increase in Food Banks and the Scottish Governments failure to alleviate Tory policies, also a dig at proposed 2nd Indy Ref.
Patrick Harvey was in support of Indy Ref2, reminding us that the Failed UK is a reality.
Willie Rennie got himself into a fit over the reduction in Aviation Tax, even though it hasn’t been implemented.
Several questions on Mental Health provision in schools.
Also questions on flaring at Mossmoran, Orange marches, Sri Lanka massacre, Islamophobia, period poverty and Measles immunisation.

Aye Right Podcast 25th April 2019

The scream

A rowdy pod with Norrie Stewart, Phil Attridge and Stewart Lochhead.

Issues…Brexit –

Labour on not making it clear that staying in the Customs Union won’t avoid the Backstop. Single Market membership (or very similar) required to comply with regulatory factors.

Lord(David) Trimble getting very angry on TV and accusing the Irish Government of exaggerating the Border problems.

Nancy Pelosi (US congress Leader) said they would block a USA & UK trade deal if the Irish border was threatened.

Five Eyes (USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia SPIES) attack China’s Huawei bids to build 5G networks.

PMQs – David Liddington (Deputy PM) gives a woeful performance, badly briefed etc. Emily Thornberry (Deputy Labour) links Lyra McKie murder to Brexit chaos.

Kirsty Blackman accuses UK Gov of reversing green policies and even Tory Colin Clark complains about a seasonal workers fiasco at the Home Office.