GMS interview re Westminster power grap.

Excellent interview from Gary Robertson of good morning Scotland with Jennifer McKinnon of theĀ Press and Journal and Kenny Farquharson of the Times. The interview covers the proposed Brexit power grab by Westminster of devolved powers from the Scottish government Welsh assembly and Northern Irish assembly. Well balanced with some excellent points made by both guests and a breath of fresh air to see unbiased balanced reporting from Radio Scotland on an issue which involves the constitution.

First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 250118

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Health issues dominated Holyrood at Question Time today however Ruth Davidson began with the situation of suspended Chief Constable Phil Gormley.

Richard Leonard was less specific asking about the Bield care homesĀ  situation and the closure of the childrens ward at Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

Willie Rennie accused the First Minister of lying and was reprimanded by the Presiding Officer as was the First Minister for describing Willie Rennie as “a pathetic attention seeker”

Winterproofing of the train network came up as well as funding of volunteer sports.

New GP contracts got an airing as did cervical cancer screening and the training of teachers to cope with mental health issues of pupils.