Ivan McKee Devo Something

Ivan McKee  international businessman and Director of Business for Scotland tells us a No vote is increasingly unlikely. “Travel is only one way, from No to Yes”. However if a narrow win for No happens he believes the grass roots campaign is so strong the movement is not going to go away. He also believes ‘more powers’ is a fantasy. Westminster will focus on other things but the  growth of UKIP and a possible exit from Europe could mean another Scottish referendum could happen soon. Whilst he sees more people in the business sector understanding that Scotland is not subsidised he is sad that so many ‘so called’ proud Scots with whom he has debated continue to peddle the myth that we are ‘weak and subsidised’. He is also sure that the Barnett formula will go if we vote No. Finally when asked about comments from the CEO of Shell he points out the greatest risk mentioned was the UK’s potential exit from the EU but of course that was hardly mentioned!

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