Marco Biagi Devo Something

Marco tells us that if we vote No our only power will be ‘reasoned argument’ so might we be given more ? Well Marco thinks “pigs might fly”! And the most recent proposal from Scottish Labour to devolve income tax had already been challenged by their own Westminster MP’s!
When asked about the tabloid myth of Scotland being subsidised he says too many people still believe that since “Scotland votes Labour we must be poor” In regard to recent comments expressed by the corporate sector he reminds us that in 1997 a. Scotsman poll suggested 75% of businesses believed that the establishment of a Scottish Parliament would have a negative effect but the opposite happened. Marco also reminds us that Scotland has a lower debt, a lower deficit than the UK and also has a balance of payments surplus so we would start from a strong economic position with independence. He succinctly summarises by telling us “the only way to get sovereignty is to Vote YES!”

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