The complete recording of Show 6

Two recordings:-
Allan Bisset poet and writer explains consequences to Barnet Formula of a No vote.
Joanne Lamont’s Devo Proposals car crash on Newsnight with Gordon Brewer.

Duncan Hothersall talks about Labours Devo offer,

In depth interview by Alex Grant with Willie Rennie Leader of Scottish LibDems, main subject being LibDem proposals for further devolution for Scotland. Willie Rennie makes some surprising statements on future of the Barnet formula as a consequence of further tax raising  powers for Holyrood, also responds to historic Liberal policy statements from previous Liberal Leaders on Devolution and Federalism within Scotland and United Kingdom.

Deidre Brock, SNP Councillor and Deputy Lord Provost of Edinburgh and Ian Baxter, Green Party Councillor on MidLothian Council talk about Party tribalism and it’s negative consequences for the public.

Ian McGill Conservative candidate in Euro election, looking forward to representing Scotland in Brussels if successful. Ian also valiantly defends the retention of the Nuclear Deterrent when the subject is broached by Deidre Brock.

Christine Graham SNP MSP on how being a lifelong socialist helps shape her views of an independent Scotland. Christine also discusses the further Devo plans proposed by the Holyrood/Westminster opposition parties for Scotland.

Ivan McKee of Business for Scotland on the incoherence of Labour’s devolution plans, plus how Labour for Independence is going from strength to strength. Ivan also reports on the rapid membership growth of Business for Scotland, at the moment it stands at 1600+ businesses,  Ivan expects it to reach the 2000 figure very shortly.

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