Show 8

Alex Grant interviews Canon Kenyon Wright on the Sovereignty of the Scottish people, and the duty of the first parliament of an independent Scotland to establish a written Scottish Constitution. Also on harnessing the momentum from a Yes vote to create an interim Constitution based on the Commonwealth Charter, and how we should avoid using policy statements in the interim Constitution.

Alex Grant interviews Ivan McKee of Business Scotland about his travels around Scotland campaigning for a Yes vote. Discussion on the Weir Group Report, lots of positives in the report on the strength if the Scottish economy. BSkyB which has a huge workforce in Scotland is comfortable with independence, and Bank of Scotland says 39 thousand jobs to be created in the Energy Industry despite the gloom and doom of the CBI. ConDem Government Snitch pulls rug on currency union, and Wings over Scotland has Government figures to show Scotland has always more than paid it’s way.

Alex Grant interviews Michelle Thomson of a Business for Scotland on her busy schedule of campaigning and an inside look at Standard Life and independence, and also selling Scotland the Brand. Are women not engaging in the Indy debate, is it too macho, or are women just more cautious and still weighing up the evidence. No campaign having difficulty finding business people to back up their dubious arguments in debates. And find out what happened at a polite society New Year drinks party in the New Town when someone mentioned the Indy subject.

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