I am astonished that so many of my friends are really passionate about voting YES

Experts tell us that about 250 is the maximum number of real ‘friends’ (not Facebook) most of us can manage.
On the Leith Gala day that I was struck down by a broken leg and rumour spread I’d had a heart attack I was actually surrounded by about 50 friends, the number of ‘real’ friend we can manage apparently.
Either definition will suffice for this arguement.
I’ve now lived or worked in Edinburgh for 30 years and count myself lucky to have a wide circle of friends and somehow politics has never been a qualifying label for membership of that circle.
Now with our Independence referendum result only 48 hours away I am astonished that so many of my friends are really passionate about voting YES. People that I NEVER ever discussed politics with are wearing YES badges, organising events, telling the world through social media of their passion for independence and proudly waving our saltire.
Forget the pollsters, a revolution is happening in Scotland and by 6 am on Friday 19th of September, when our future will be known, I’ll be on Calton Hill, the spiritual home of Scottish Independence, celebrating a win for democracy. If its not a YES I’ll be disappointed but not broken because the genie is now out of the bottle and another vote will be just around the corner in spite of the doomsayers.
Meet me on Calton Hill to watch the sun come up over a free Scotland.
Stewart Lochhead

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