First Ministers Questions Review 080115

cross dress murph #2

Sturgeon certainly took no prisoners in the first FMQs of 2015.

Kezia brought up A&E backups in the NHS, Sturgeon reminded her that Labour wanted to shut two A&Es in Ayr and Monklands.

Ruth Davidson has not a, hint of a brass neck and blushing face, so says Nicola.

Sturgeon to Labour benches, ” act like a Labour Party for God’s sake”

Free school meals for Sturgeon’s family ???

Don’t worry, it’s just another Grayism………

Plenty more to worry about.

Stuart McHardy, Alex Grant, Phil Attridge, Stewart Lochhead and Norrie Stewart discuss the opening FMQs of 2015.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is superb…

The ghost of Jim Murphy rated a zero V Nicola Sturgeon on 48..


Video recording of FMQs is here

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