First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 170915

ScreenHunter_212 Sep. 17 17.18

An interesting and entertaining FMQs covered; Triggers for Indyref2; Education achievement; Tory Government attack on Trade Union Rights; Cuts to Tax Credits; Only 9% of Scots believing the VOW has been delivered; £100 million Scot Gov attainment fund; Trident renewal; Rising Independence polls; Golden goodbyes at Coatbridge College; Fracking; Scottish Fiscal Commission; Tory ban on Scot Gov presence at UN Sustainability Summit.

“Kezia still carping from the sidelines”

“Kezia asking the audience like Jeremy Corbyn”

“Alex from Strichen emailed in”

“Jim from Eastwood emailed”

“Dave from Chipping Norton emailed”

“we always knew Ruth Davidson gets her orders from Dave”

“Who fears democracy?”

“Better Together parties fear an Indyref2”


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