First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 240915

ScreenHunter_217 Sep. 24 14.07

Nicola “We are having to deal with the impact of Tory cuts on Tax Credits”

Kezia opened with an attack on the Scottish Government’s (SGOV) record on Justice in particular issues about the courts system claiming bottlenecks and delays as reported by Audit Scotland.

Nicola refuted Kezias figures saying they didn’t compare like for like as earlier years included major capital spending.

Kezia tried to outfox Nicola by asking a Health question along with her Justice question.

Nicola was having no truck with that tactic and separated her answers and suggested that Kezia should sharpen up her approach to the art of opposition.

Ruth attacked the SGOV ban on GM crops as unscientific.

Nicola pointed out 18 other countries in Europe now also banned them.

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