First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 261115

ScreenHunter_291 Nov. 26 14.00

A powerful performance by the First Minister leaving her opponents lying bleeding in the ditch.

Nicola began by referencing John McDonnell and his Mao gambit at Westminster to embarrass Labour.
Kezia opened by returning to fight the independence referendum (which her side won).
She announced that the “SNP had failed on oil” What that means is a mystery as its reserved to the UK. Nicola suggested that Labour should be attacking the Tory government cuts and austerity following the cuts announced at yesterday’s “Budget cuts” by Osborne.
Former SNP advisor Alex Bell was mentioned by Kezia so Nicola joyfully brought up Kezia’s former advisor John McTernan. “Scottish Labour are like a football team now in the 3rd. Division and fighting relegation”
Ruth thought that bringing up house building was a good idea but was destroyed by Nicola who was in fierce attacking mode, a weapon that Salmond, as man, could never use.
Poor Jackson Carlaw was slapped down over Tory cuts and Richard Simpson called either ignorant or an idiot by Nicola.
Jackie Baillie stupidly asked a question only to be eviscerated by Nicola.
Willie Rennie asked a reasonable question about mental health funding and escaped injury by Nicola and Neil Findlay raised the reasonable issue of undercover police again without injury by Nicola.
Scores are
Nicola 90% Kezia 43% Ruth 40% Willie 57%


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