First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 031215

ScreenHunter_305 Dec. 03 18.15

We’ve definitely had more exciting FMQs to review. Westminster voting to go to war in Syria loomed large. (English votes for English Wars)
Nicola and Kezia expressed support for the NO vote for WAR.
Nicola, Kezia and Ruth all gave support to RAF personnel based in Scotland.
Climate change and the Paris conference was Kezia initial topic. Carbon emissions targets were not met by the SNP Government said Kezia. Oh yes they were said Nicola.
Kezia’s plan to “spend” mythical “savings” from not cutting Airline Passenger Duty(APD) were ignored by her and she now attacked Nicola for planning to cut this “Green” tax.
Nicola responded that APD income was not dedicated to Green spending but went into general taxation.
Kezia attacked Nicola for flying to Paris but was deflated when Nicola said she was taking the train.
Ruth unwisely attacked the Government for reducing bursaries to students. Nicola retorted that Tories were totally removing all bursaries including for student nurses. Ouch!


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