First Ministers Questions from Holyrood 171215

FMQs Gallery.jpg

“I have good news for the opposition today. I am losing my voice” croaked First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.
But dont get the idea that she might not be quite as sharp as usual. Asked by Ruth Davidson if the FM had met the Secretary of State for Scotland Nicola fired back. “I met the Prime Minister on Monday and when I went in to number 10 I didnt have a cold but I did when I came out”
Ruth fired back “I’ll make sure the mistletoe is put away next time.” Touche
All Kezia Dugdales questions were about yesterdays budget statement but every issue had been rehearsed by Labour across TV and radio so Nicola had answers for everything.
Willie Rennie accused the FM of outdoing George Osborne in the budget but Nicola accused the Lib Dems of propping up Osborne for 5 Years.
Altogether an entertaining FMQs.


Link to Scottish Parliament recording of proceedings at FMQs.. FMQs Video Recording 171215



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