First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 070116

ScreenHunter_326 Jan. 07 14.24

The first FMQs of 2016 was about housing, flooding and a living wage.

Kezia re-wrapped her Xmas present (aka bribe) to middle class aspirational voters of a subsidy to buy a house funded by Labour not cutting Airport Duty Tax (ADT) . Unfortunately she has already spent the funds on Education and Tax Credit top-ups.

The teacher (Presiding Officer) chided “there’s too much chuntering” (talking at the back)

Nicola left her lying bleeding on the floor after reminding us that Shadow Chancellor McDonnel said. “Labour had forgotten to build any social/affordable (Cooncil) housing”

Ruth wanted to know when “poor” farmers could expect compensation for having waterlogged fields.

Nicola said (haud on) flooding is an ongoing emergency.

Murdo Fraser joined Patrick Harvie and Jackie (Bomber) Baillie talking about a Living Wage.

Nicola said that the Tories “Living Wage” demonstrated a “paucity of ambition”.(my phrase of the week)


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