I Voted Tory Once

ScreenHunter_374 Jan. 14 14.28

I voted Tory once in a rural Southern English parish council election in the 70s. The incumbent was the lord of the manor and the challenger was a Tory who promised to “assist” my planning application.

In one move I helped the bourgeoisie (aka middle class) win control of the parish council from the aristocracy and lined my pockets.
The two points to note are 1. Vote Tory for your own self interest. 2. Be aware that in the South of England the bourgeoisie (aka Tories) still regard themselves as revolutionaries (“reformers” in public) and anything remotely to the left as dangerous Marxist/Communists
Footnote. There’s a village shop near Bath that used to refuse to stock the Guardian because it was too left wing. (stop laughing at the back)

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