First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 280116

ScreenHunter_406 Jan. 28 15.09

“Eviscerated the opposition” was the only reasonable description of First Minister Sturgeon’s performance at Holyrood today. Nicola was in top form and I have attached a link to the official Parliament TV recording of First Ministers Questions below. I recommend viewing all 30 minutes prior to listening to our torrid review.
FM Nicola Sturgeon opened with a sideways attack on the Tory Treasurery for only investing 24% into the Aberdeen City deal while the Scottish Government invested the balance to £504 million.
Kezia Dugdale highlighted St John’s Hospital in Livingston and after the FM’s first two answers should have just sat down to avoid further injury.
Her best line was calling Finance Secretary John Swinney the “reprofiler in chief”
The FM stuck in the knife to Labour..
“A secret but leaked internal Labour party report on Scottish voters views described Labour as red Tories but less competent”
Ruth Davidson stupidly tried the “Scotland is too wee, too stupid, cant cope without expensive oil line but oil is only $30 a barrel now.”
The FM quoted PM David Cameron that “if Scotland voted NO we could expect a £200 billion bonanza now.”
Kevin Stewart was annoyed at the derisory £125 million funding Aberdeen City deal from London Tories considering the £300 billion in taxes that flowed from Aberdeen to London.
The FM made it clear that unless the UK Goverment agreed a fair fiscal deal over the new powers for Scotland she would not ratify it.
Performance scores..
Sturgeon 38/40
Kezia 10/40
Ruth 3/40

Link to the official video recording of FMQs FMQs 280116


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