First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 110116

ScreenHunter_425 Feb. 11 14.07

Tricia Marwick, the Presiding Officer, was in top form and at least one Labour MSP will be called up before the beak for un-parliamentary language.(liar)

Kezia Dugdale tried to blame the SNP Government for education cuts but Nicola Sturgeon was having none of it blaming the branch office of the London Labour party for supporting the Tories and keeping Scotland in an austerity Union.

Ruth Davidson spoke up for her core vote, farmers, whose benefits/welfare payment were late, unlike the Queen’s who was looking for an emergency payment to heat her house.

Willie Rennie wanted the SNP Government to subsidise the Tory UK Government by taxing the poor in Scotland like his Labour pals.

Jenny Marra got skelped by Tricia for making a speech instead of asking a question as did Nicola for asking a question instead of answering one. (Doesn’t PM Cameron do that every week in Westminster without complaint?)

Patrick Harvie wanted the North Sea oil and gas sector decommissioned ASAP.

Murdo Fraser said we Scots were too wee and too stupid to run our own affairs.

The official recording of FMQs (including the “liar” shouts) are here..

FMQs 110216



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