First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 250216

ScreenHunter_439 Feb. 25 14.26

It was quite a low key FMQs, no desk banging, very little baracking and very much electioneering.

Kezia Dugdale highlighted Council job losses and Nicola Sturgeon responded with a rejection of Kezia’s statistics.

Ruth Davidson asked again about late payment of farmers subsidies/benefits and the FM pointed out that the deadline date for all payments is June 30th 2016 and 50% had already been paid.

Willie Rennie had no question and was possibly relieved that he couldn’t make a mess of it again.

The fiscal framework agreement between the London and Edinburgh governments had a brief mention.

Scottish A & E waiting times in December were 96% , English 86%, Welsh 76% and Northern Irish 70% which pleased Bob Doris.

Jim Hume wasn’t happy that last weeks waitings times were down to 90%.

Dr Richard Simpson wanted  Immediate Assessment Units included with A & E waiting times.

Ken MacIntosh said teacher numbers in nurseries were down 25%.

Finally Patrick Harvie ranted about a link between Donald Trump and Prestwick Airport.


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