First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 300317

ScreenHunter_48 Mar. 30 16.32

I suppose the most interesting thing about this week’s first Minister’s questions was the fact that the Tories went on education, no Brexit, although Ruth did manage to get a wee dig at independence in. Kezia went with health specifically the problems created by mesh implants, no brexit. We had to wait until the Greens Patrick Harvey asked his question before Brexit was mentioned. Full points to Mr Harvey as he got the boot in from several different directions.

I have to confess things got a bit heated in the studio as we segued into Nicola’s tactics at first Minister’s questions, was she aggressive enough, did she have all the right information at our fingertips, was was her touch to light.
We couldn’t avoid the events of the week so it’s maybe 50-50 first Minister’s questions and all things independence.

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