35 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson car crash interview radio five live

      • And lets complain about £400million unclaimed benefits in Scotland, yes it is bad. BUT in context of the 13 BILLION in UK as a whole. We need to force these parasites ( the politicians ) to use per capita when doing comparisons and stop the lies that many swallow without question.
        Yes $75 per capita is bad and especially for those who need it. But a lot better than the UK which is £200 per capita – ie nearly 3 TIMES WORSE.

  1. Wasted 16 minutes hoping to laugh at Ruth, ended up respecting her, this interviewer tried and failed to corner Ruth. The interviewer clearly had an agenda and clearly got frustrated when Ruth answered everything really well. I genuinely might vote for her and her party now.

  2. So, immigrants dont come to scotland becsuse according to her its the highest taxed area of the UK and yet to mitigate policies set by her government she answer is for the scottish government raise taxes even higher.
    Also goes on about putting people into work, doesn’t she realise that the probable reason for much of the 40000 increase are due to a rise in the working poor, and folks losing their income as a direct consequence of policies being persued by her party and defended by her?
    Noticed how she tried to accuse tge SG of not using powers in the years before those powers actually became avaiable to them.

  3. The Scottish Government don’t have power over “Great Swathes” of welfare. If they raise the taxes as suggested then she is arguing that it is scaring off the immigrants so we have less people to work in and grow the economy that she says will resolve the welfare problems. Please don’t vote for this confused woman or her cronies, who evidently are liars, sometimes, by her own admission but sometimes to be trusted unreservedly and implicitly. I wish she would go away to Westminster. I assume we can presume in her answer that she has a pretty big job in Scotland the first offer of a seat in England she will join the Westminster crew like a shot – going by Theresa May’s we will definitely not be calling an early general election.

  4. The Number of times she avoided saying the Word Rape and thenumber of times she said ” What I am saying is this ” Total bluster …

  5. Ruth Davidson is still a constant liar and she can’t get her facts straight why she should be a Tory leader who has attacked our excellency Nicola Sturgeon especially on tweeter she’s lied about the car crash wonder if she was drinking and driving?

  6. Perfect example of how to interview a Con, don’t accept the first answer ask to expand and nail an answer.. Davidson found that hard, the veneer of the party line has no substance past the headline. That’s what I consider to be good journalism.

  7. She shows her real nature and becomes very caustic very quickly when not shown the subservience that she clearly thinks she is entitled to, but instead is asked real questions, questions that she has no real answers to. The sooner she buggers off to westminster and no doubt like thatcher, has elocution lessons to remove any trace of her accent, the better. As Eddie Mair might say, she’s a nasty piece of work.

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  9. Ruth Davudson is a public embarrassment to all scots she has no track record & has the capability to turn & change her mind on a sixpence she & her party want to drag the UK back to the 1950’s Scotland is better with a strong & stable Nicola Sturgeon it is the 21st centuary after all.

  10. What a idiot and this thing has power omg what do we really see in her Tories out as you should use proven systems​ like Australia do and rid UK of anyone we do not need Ruth get a grip

  11. She also suggests we raise taxes when as she said earlier Scotland is already a higher taxed part of the UK

  12. Tough questions which I thought was answered fairly, its always difficult to suit 100% . . On the question of welfare I know people who do not want to come off welfare . . Think she answered the questions OK

  13. Never voted Tory and can’t see how I ever could but there was no car crash here.The interviewer seemed keen to create one and failed miserably. She was so focused on cornering Davidson she never listened to the answers to her questions .Hoping to hear a car crash interview but sorry to say in my book and that of my wife who listened in Davidson was the victor if you want to frame this as some sort of winner takes all contest .
    Emma Barnett has to learn from this to listen.

  14. Typical Davidson Tory line: I could respect her if she had a spine (and some integrity) but guess she would suggest that NHS are too strapped to give her a spine … Emma Barnett – excellent interview.

  15. On the surface she sounds good and if I were a Daily Mail reader or tory member I would be happy. But when you actually listen she talks an enormous amount of total shite.

  16. This woman If you can call her that only has her own agenda and that is how to further her own career at the cost of the people of Scotland. Ruth Davidson,treasa may Maggie thatcher are all cut from the same stone.

  17. How to talk a load of absolute crap by avoiding to answer any question whilst the interviewer ties you in knots!? Take a lesson from Roothie! This isn’t a “car crash interview,” it is an absolute demolition derby! I suggest, Ms Davidson, that you seriously consider another job, because you are singularly ill-equipped to do the one you profess to do!

  18. She’s naught but a vile, odious, mendacious, hateful harridan imho .. a glory hound, willing to do or say ANYTHING at the behest of her party’s grandees at WM 😠 Blatantly … actually naw, FLAGRANTLY! … reneging on anything she’s said if she’s told to by the party apparatchiks! Grrr …a feckin puppet, no more no less. 😠😬😠😬

  19. What a cruel heartless gutless woman she is She is a disgrace. People voting for Tory should really search their souls do they really want to be associated with the rape clause because that’s what their vote means.

  20. Thanks for drawing attention to this interview in which Ruth replied brilliantly to questions almost certainly lifted from SNP briefings. By revealing how the NAT’s are making Scots pay higher taxes than elsewhere in the uk in return for a failing NHS and a failing education system, Ruth has once again rammed it home that the SNP’s obsession with independence and neglect of the day job is wrecking Scotland’s future.

  21. Not able to explain how you increase help for poor children without raising taxes. All she did was waffle and talk nonsense in circles. Dire.

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  24. Does anyone think that she is a speedy social silence filler so that she can avoid answering questions ?

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