12 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson car crash interview radio five live

      • And lets complain about £400million unclaimed benefits in Scotland, yes it is bad. BUT in context of the 13 BILLION in UK as a whole. We need to force these parasites ( the politicians ) to use per capita when doing comparisons and stop the lies that many swallow without question.
        Yes $75 per capita is bad and especially for those who need it. But a lot better than the UK which is £200 per capita – ie nearly 3 TIMES WORSE.

  1. How to talk a load of absolute crap by avoiding to answer any question whilst the interviewer ties you in knots!? Take a lesson from Roothie! This isn’t a “car crash interview,” it is an absolute demolition derby! I suggest, Ms Davidson, that you seriously consider another job, because you are singularly ill-equipped to do the one you profess to do!

  2. She’s naught but a vile, odious, mendacious, hateful harridan imho .. a glory hound, willing to do or say ANYTHING at the behest of her party’s grandees at WM 😠 Blatantly … actually naw, FLAGRANTLY! … reneging on anything she’s said if she’s told to by the party apparatchiks! Grrr …a feckin puppet, no more no less. 😠😬😠😬

  3. What a cruel heartless gutless woman she is She is a disgrace. People voting for Tory should really search their souls do they really want to be associated with the rape clause because that’s what their vote means.

  4. Thanks for drawing attention to this interview in which Ruth replied brilliantly to questions almost certainly lifted from SNP briefings. By revealing how the NAT’s are making Scots pay higher taxes than elsewhere in the uk in return for a failing NHS and a failing education system, Ruth has once again rammed it home that the SNP’s obsession with independence and neglect of the day job is wrecking Scotland’s future.

  5. Not able to explain how you increase help for poor children without raising taxes. All she did was waffle and talk nonsense in circles. Dire.

  6. Does anyone think that she is a speedy social silence filler so that she can avoid answering questions ?

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