Today’s Scottish Blog Roundup


Challenging attitudes

Peter a bell writing for the Indy ref two blog takes as his starting point Dr Ian Black’s article in yesterday’s national. Dr Black’s article discusses information generated by speaking to focus groups on their attitude to a second independence referendum and what aspects of the 2014 debate still resonate as stumbling blocks for the yes campaign. Peter’s article interrogates the points thrown up by the national piece and together both give us food for thought on any future campaign. The comment section is also worth a quick peruse.

Over at Munguins new Republic he gives us an example of the brave new Britain we can all look forward to.

Across at the ferret they have a piece on the culling of hares and the tourist board support for it I think but as I’ve now hit the ferret’s pay wall not really sure what this is about.

common spaces four new articles up today starting with a piece about the new Scottish social security system Jean Freeman MSP answering the questions. A piece on the fall in liquidations of Scottish businesses by Sean Bell, followed by an article based round the London School of economics projection that Scotland could lose ¬£30 billion were hard brexit to be initiated and the final piece on Glasgow’s solidarity with Kurdistan’s day on 1 November.

Bella has three pieces up today one a plea for support as it attempts to expand, the second piece is entitled ‘Nick Robinson’s intellectual poverty’ leave you to work out the content of that article for yourselves, and finally the third piece covers the London School of economics research into what a cliff edge Brexit it means for Scotland. This last article has a lot of links worth following to get an overall picture from people who are not based in Scotland but seem to understand unusually the Scottish independence movements motivation.

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