Today’s Scottish Blog Posts


Business for Scotland has a piece about return to work opportunities for ethnic minorities.

The Indy ref to blog has its regular BBC reporting Scotland analysis up today, this analysis is done by a professional journalist and Indy ref to need to raise £100 a week to pay for the work you may want to consider supporting this effort.

Holyrood Chronicle has three short pithy comments today that should raise a smile.

Mungiuns new republic rejoices in the new zany world of politics and all with cartoons and pictures and all without recourse to Trump.

Wings over Scotland looks at percentages noting how important they are in the NHS whilst in elections they seem totally irrelevant.

Wee Ginger dug wins today’s headline prize with “Government by helium-filled parrot” and possibly the best line prize “There is however a significant difference between Ruth Davidson and God, God doesn’t think he is Ruth Davidson”. As ever Wee Ginger dug produces a stinging piece around Mr Mundell’s appearance in front of the Scottish affairs committee.

As I hope everybody knows the Scottish independence convention is holding a wee get together at the Usher Hall on 4 November in conjunction with that they are asking all yes groups to fill out a short survey to get a clearer picture of any gaps geographical or logistical that may need filling. Below the article is a link to that survey.

Craig Murray outlines a couple of talks coming up and has a wee pop at those who hate whistleblowers.

Gerry Hassan’s blog as Gerry Hassan does covers a multitude the British constitution selling of the family silver long-term investment empire and he even manages to slip in the line a ladybird history of Britain. Short summary, the UK is down the tubes.

The ferret blogs about the rejection of an application by a neo-Nazi party in Scotland being rejected by the electoral commission.

Common space has a very good piece explaining why we need an investment bank in Scotland. Maybe one for the archives memory like mine is not quite what he used to be.


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