Mondays Scottish Blog Posts.


Peter a bell at Indy ref two is a short piece criticising the standard of investigative journalism shown by the Herald.

Munguins new Republic also has a piece referencing the ongoing sexual harassment scandal at Westminster and the difference between sexual bullying and the affairs of consenting adults. Munguin also names some names.

Craig Murray has a few thoughts on our sub- Mariners and their drug habits and touches briefly on the sexual harassment both in the services and at Westminster.

Bella Caledonia has a piece by Gordon Guthrie entitled Catalonia Scotland and Europe. A very neat concise and informative piece everyone should read this who has an interest in what is happening at the moment in Catalonia. It spells out simply and clearly the steps that were taken that have resulted in today’s situation in Catalonia.

Magic Bob if you’re listening you should read this nae spin.

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