Tuesdays Scottish Blogs





Gordon McIntyre Kemp over at business for Scotland argues that Nicholas Sturgeon needs to create an alternative economic vision for Scotland and she needs to do it quick.


Hollywood is goes for the shenanigans in the USA at the moment comparing it to Watergate.


James Kelly at Scott goes pop lays out what has happened and what he thinks will happen in Catalonia.


Stuart Campbell of wings over Scotland lays out how difficult it would be for the Catalans to legally get a referendum let alone independence under the Spanish constitution. He also points out the biased reporting on the subject.


Wee Ginger dug bemoans the lack of substance broadcast by reporting Scotland I think it would be fair to say he considers it a waste of space.


Late but in earnest a blog written by a Catalonian base got tells us how risky it can be at all levels a supporter of independence in Catalonia.


Common space has four new pieces up today one covering the cost of the roll-out of universal credit to local councils and asking if this could be Theresa May’s poll tax moment.

Followed by a piece by Leigh Wilson describing his time recently in Catalonia.

They then have a video of Richard Murphy discussing how house ownership can be viewed as a tax haven, and finally a piece on the expected apology from the first Minister Nicola Sturgeon regarding the pardoning of historic crimes associated with our once draconian homophobic laws.


Bella take the prize for the most content today starting with a short video Boris Johnson in Paris I am gonna presume that this was created to get down with the young folks.

Moving on to a piece entitled Catalonia past and future which gives us a historic breakdown of Catalonia’s political and national past and what the future might hold, this was written before present events unfolded.

The Third piece entitled the dawn of common politics discusses possible new ways of doing politics from the bottom up.

The Fourth pieces much is lighter and discusses the new Astroturf think tank these islands and how easily they got pieces into our mainstream media.

Next up is an amusing video covering the arrests by the FBI in recent American presidential politics.

The final new article is entitled ‘Mueller time’ mostly consists of a Twitter thread wondering how the Republicans will fake the news on this issue.

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