Thursdays Scottish Blogs 2nd November 2017


Business for Scotland regular Scottish business buzz is out with articles covering pension problems, the Scottish women in technology awards, slowdown in corporate insolvencies, the jump in the number of businesses being created and more awards with the business women Scotland prizes being announced.

GA Ponsonby is retiring and this is his last article detailing a history starting with news net Scotland. We will miss his detailed analysis of our mainstream media.

Holyrood chronicles quotes the independent which neatly summarises the look and feel of the Tory benches at the moment.

Munguin’s new Republic leads with the headline “Fallon from grace” and yes you guessed it it’s all about the recently resigned defence minister. He follows up with some very saucy pictures of some veg.

Wings over Scotland having been exonerated of any wrongdoing after his recent arrest puts the foot down on the accelerator and rips into the idiots who somehow get to represent us in the various parliaments.

Wee Ginger dug points out some uncomfortable truths about the British war machine and its history choose the colour of your poppy with care.

The ferret fact checks a claim about broadband in Scotland made by Theresa May and finds it’s mostly false.

Peter a bell at Scotto voce asks whether we should really believe the rebranding of Scottish goods as British goods is just a series of unfortunate mistakes.

Common space has three new articles published today the first an interview with Christine McKelvey in regard to her parliamentary motion calling for the international community to recognise the Catalonian Republic.

The second article again by Sean Bell prolific Laddie that he is covers the debate yesterday in Holyrood regarding the old chestnut of the VAT police and fire brigades in Scotland have to pay. This call has the backing of the Greens and the Labour Party and it is rumoured that the Conservatives have approached the Treasury about this anomaly.

The third piece by Caitlin Logan covers the terrorist atrocity in New York and has several tweets by the irrepressibly stupid Donald Trump.

From no to yes Eric Joyce’s blog has a piece up about the predominantly white leadership of UK NGOs. Unfortunately he seems to be having a problem with his site and it’s difficult to read but worth persevering.

Loki names his hundred unknown and in need of recognition list. That the list doesn’t name.

Mike small has a piece about the sexual harassment storm blasting through the Westminster corridors and points out that within the Tory party especially it’s nothing new.

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