Fridays Scottish bogs 3rd November 2017




When you have to start jailing artists for the lyrics of their songs your government is in trouble. Independence live covers the possible jailing of some young rappers.

Holyrood chronicles has a short video of some football. Followed by a quote from the Guardian covering the downside of tourism.

I watched question Time last night and was stunned by Anne McElroy of the Economist pronouncements on the size of the pro in the independence vote in Catalonia. James Kelly explains why.

Wee Ginger dug runs us through the minutiae of the Spanish government’s arrest role the who why and where.

Peter a Bell over at Scotto voice warns us to keep an eagle eye out as our mainstream media desperately hunts down an excuse to denigrate Holyrood’s occupants in the same way as Westminster’s sleaze fest is allowing them to throw copious amounts of mud. God forbid the Scottish parliament is better behaved.

Common space has a magnificent seven new articles up in the last 24 hours.

Robert McAlpine discusses the EU and its problems I would imagine echoing a lot of the second thoughts remained voters are having at the moment.

Sean Bell covers the expected increase in child poverty due to the new welfare cuts.

Caitlin Logan writes about the symbolic vote at Westminster against the continued roll-out of universal credit.

In Sean Bel’sl second piece today the options for changes to the income tax system outlined in the Scottish governments new discussion paper are discussed.

Fiona McInnis asks which model for the fishing industry would be best for Scotland.

There is a short video on housing from Paul Farrell.

Yet And finally Sean Bell once again by God that man works hard has an interview with Anna Arque who will be appearing at this weekend’s Scottish independence convention covering many of the twists and turns in Catalonia from an activists point of view.

Tammas Clark issues a call to arms for the Scots tongue and if it’s your thing gie it a read.

Mike small has a piece entitled ATD covering the vast reach of Facebook et al, and where does the connectedness of the Internet go now.

Finally there is a video shot in Catalonia a vox pop asking the people why the Republic?


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