Scottish Blogs 4th November 2017




Peter a bell across at Indyref2 rips into the controversy surrounding the marketing of Scottish produce as British and reminds us you don’t need to meet the darkened room to take part in a conspiracy.

Michael Greenwell across at Scottish independent podcast gives us the leading contenders for the insult Trump competition.

Meanwhile across at Munguins new Republic we are treated to an eye watering display of memes covering the hypocrisy and the rebranding of Scotland produce.

Followed by a video starring fluffy Mundell dismissing all questions from the northern colonies representatives.

James Kelly at Scot goes pop informs us of the dangers of removing the whip from even the naughtiest of MP.

Wings over Scotland in a piece entitled hurray for the Jock shirts.

It runs through a collection of the extreme public views expressed by all those guys who as young socialist revolutionaries must have sat about plotting the new constitution they would introduce, when in power, to ensure the trampling of democracy.

Common space’s lead by Sean Bell covers the jailing of pro-independence politicians in Spain and looks at the strategy for the independent side in the upcoming elections on 21st December.

Common space also gives Judy Wilkinson, space to discuss the future for allotments around Scotland the good they bring and asks how effective the community empowerment act will be in reality.

Bella continues its collaboration with the National and its latest magazine number nine is out today buy your copy of the national to get it.

Mike small contributes to Bella today with a piece about the new Astroturf outfit ‘These islands’. Pointing out much of what has been said by their members today seems not to chime with what they’re trying to claim for Britishness.

In a piece entitled rebellion against nationalism, this is an opinion piece. The view from the left is discussed after a brief look at Spanish nationalism, something we are beginning to see more of from the British side of the Scottish independence argument.

Next up a video celebrating the coming dark nights.

The final new article today covers Scots trad podcast, a podcast around Scottish traditional music, this podcast covers the top 20 albums in this genre released this year.

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