Monday’s Blogs 6th Novemeber 2017



Wilderness of peace asks what was the snap general election really all about and why the yes movement has to be vigilant

the independence live blog keeps us up to date with what’s happening with the Catalan government in exile in Denmark.

Holyrood chronicles brings us a tale of Betty in London savings dilemmas.

Michael Greenwell across at the Scottish independence podcasts decides to keep stone on the comments front but points out a few interesting facts about a tweet from age Scotland that appeared yesterday.

Mungo in the new Republic has a quick rundown of all the sleaze on the go at the moment, sexual, financial and well some just plain predictable.

James Kelly over at Scott goes pop looks back to the future and ties it very neatly to the goings-on at the top of the EU hierarchy at the moment. Oh and he was on the radio as well.

wings over Scotland highlights the problem some Unionists have with supporting democracy.

Wee Ginger dug apologises for not blogging as often as he once could and then gives us our diary breakdown of why. Handy if you would like to go and hear him speak because he seems to sell out his meetings rather quickly these days.

Bella has a piece with details of the political prisoners held in Spanish jails from Catalonia and asks for you to give your support and solidarity.

Bella second piece covers gender equality and as a call from Sophie Walker to use your vote to support equality.

Stephen Bullock asks what’s the worst thing about Brexit? You may be surprised by his answer but he makes a powerful argument for it being our constitutional standards.

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