Wednesday Scottish blogs eighth of November 2017.


Gordon McIntyre Kemp takes no prisoners in his précis of Gordon Brown’s book or maybe more accurately Gordon Brown’s rewriting of history.

Wilderness of peace has his latest article up covering the dark side of Brexit and the EU long read but interesting ideas.

Holyrood chronicles quotes the times as Boris fiddles and Patel hides and everyone basks in the Westminster scandal inferno.

Michael Greenwell’s Scottish independence podcast gives us our Niorm Chomsky video foretelling the future?

Munguins new Republic asks why do we pay David Davies..

James Kelly’s Scott goes pop piece points out to Gary Robertson that if you have access to all the information it’s maybe a good idea to use it before you go tweeting nonsense.

Stuart Campbell has a delve into Gordon Brown’s book with unsurprising results.

Wee Ginger dug fights back giving Tom Gallagher a taste of his own medicine. Prof Gallagher seems less academic and more epidemic as the days pass.

Murray updates us on his libel case and the news is good.

Peter a bell at Scotto voce reminds us that the Paradise papers fiasco is becoming an annual event and suggest that power pollutes. Are we blaming the wrong celebrities here?

Three pieces in common space today one covering Nicholas Sturgeon’s apology for the historic injustice against the gay community.

A piece on the new appointment as childcare Minister of Marie Todd.

The final article covers the LGBTI charities launch to support young trans-people in schools.

Mike small runs through the ever-growing list of the present Tory governments woes and a piece entitled good morning Britain.

We then have a video of Aamer Rahman using humour to shoot hypocrisy down in flames.

This is followed by Twitter feed update on the happenings in Brussels from Jonathan lis.

Katie Hopkins has a book out just in time for Christmas and Otto English explains it’s only one in a long line of right wing diatribes now available to ignore.

Football next Mike small has a quick shimmy through a new fans evaluation of the Scottish game and it doesn’t look as though they are particularly supportive of the top men running the game.

Mike finishes off today’s articles with an explanation of why he needs your support for a Gaelic language project.


And that folks is your Scottish blog Roundup for Wednesday as ever there are and if we are missing any blogs you enjoy send us a link to them at aye right Enjoy today’s reads.

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