Thursdays Scottish Blogs



Holyrood chronicles gives us a wee clip from the Guardian just to brighten up our day and perhaps make us think on the pitfalls of holidaying abroad.

Munguin’s new Republic does a compare and contrast piece on our political class. Depending on where in the country you are you could read this and weep or cry for joy.

Wee Ginger dug goes bat shit crazy today, after having told us yesterday he wouldn’t be blogging as much what does he go and do, gives us two articles today. One on the class distinction of’s wary words and another on the Tories latest cluster F, they told us about their broad shoulders but not about their wonderful holiday adventures.

Common space covers Priti Patel’s journey to oblivion, from Jade Saab an article on Britain’s relationship with Israel, Ben Simmons asks could a basic income be the answer to the future pension problems.

Were going to broadcast a piece today that covers a discussion in Canada between the various political parties about basic income. Canada are running a pilot scheme at the moment.

A big piece from common weal about what the Scottish government could do to crack down on tax avoidance.

Sean Bell has an article covering new figures just released about the benefits EU citizens bring to Scotland.

Sean also has a piece about Nicholas Sturgeon signing a pledge in support of a nuclear weapons ban and gives us the detail of that pledge.

Jonathon Shafi gives us a list of the crumbling edifice of neoliberalism no reasons to be cheerful in this list.

Alistair Stewart writes about the strange rise of Moggmentum, and asks why would we want a return to the 1800s under the stewardship of Jacob Rees Mogg. He also mentions an interview Mogg did with Ali G so we thought we’d tag the audio onto the end of our blog report today just to give Mr Mogg the chance to fly his true colours.

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