Fridays Scottish Blogs



Michael Greenwell at Scottish independent podcast has a short piece up with a hashtag insult royalty day. That could be fun. He also has the latest video from phantom power in the series of journeys to yes. Number 19 no less.

Munguin’s new Republic manages to have a pop at tax avoiders bricks it tears and empower Westminster governments all in 12 lines.

Wings over Scotland also has the latest journey to yes video up but he also has a video from Tom Holland who seems to think Scotland as part of his birthright.

Gerry Hassan has written a piece on the culture at Westminster are let you fight your way through it if you’re so inclined.

Scotto voce has Peter a bell’s piece chaos and corruption covering all the recent , chaos and corruption, and suggest that it’s a structural problem of the British state.

Common space has five pieces up today Robin McAlpine on the idea of a clean economy.

Sean Bell covers Andy Whiteman’s recent debate on short-term lets and the damage this form of housing rental can cause.

Patrick Harvey is call for the Scottish government to sideline companies who avoid tax is covered by yes you guessed it Sean Bell.

Caitlin Logan is an article detailing the reason Gordon McDonald will stand down from the corporate body to make room for a female MSP. Not before time you might think.

Caitlin also has a piece on the Scottish governments launch of a consultation to change the legislation presently in place to make it easier for trans people to change their documentation. At present it can be very difficult for trans people to get all the documentation gender aligned.

Mike small thanks the over 500 readers for supporting their crowdfunding effort.

John Warren covers the Priti Patel debacle from historic point of view, and how the Conservatives seem to have a habit of throwing up these rogue operators.

Mike finishes today’s Bella offerings with a review of wind resistance presently showing at the Lyceum Theatre.

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