Fridays Scottish blogs.




Holyrood chronicles asks if the Brexit negotiations are making progress you may be able to guess his conclusion.

Munguin’s Republic touches on Alex Salmonds recent announcement that he will be having a show on RT and points out both those that have already been on the station and Nicola Sturgeon’s comments.

James Kelly at Scott goes pop has delved into the 19 poll subsamples taken in Scotland in recent months and discovers the SNP are still in the lead. In the second piece he touches on the Alex Salmond TV show and highlights a Twitter correspondence with Nick, my truth is the truthiest truth Robinson.

Lesley Riddoch in this week’s podcast covers Priti Patel and the luck of the Mays, that’s Theresa May’s luck, the murky influence of some Tories in the Israel fiasco. She also discusses foot-and-mouth or at least Boris Johnson’s foot in Boris Johnson’s mouth and the consequences for ordinary folk. And Lesley finds time to touch on the Scottish independence convention or build conference as she prefers.

Peter a bell at Scotto voce pleads for more boring politics if only to shut up the mainstream media.

Loki has a piece in common space today, about his new book.

Sean Bell covers the first ministers upcoming address to the United Nations climate change conference.

Sean also covers the DWP response to the rape clause and tells us that the various charities involved are less than satisfied with the DWP’s response to their concerns.

Bella has only one piece up today by Antonia Uri about menstruation and the government’s trial in Aberdeen. It’s in Scots and well worth reading nice to see something good about the SNP’s policies on this issue in print.

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