Salmond goes rouge?




Alex Salmond wha’s like him. First the Scotsman and now Russia today how many column inches has he gifted to an ungrateful Unionist press in just two weeks?

Mr Torrance of the Herald and Guardian should be especially grateful, his chosen subject and I would venture his only specialty comes to the rescue allowing him to once again to bask in the shadow cast by Mr Salmond.

Mr Massie of the Spectator also claws his way onto the bandwagon as they all trundled down the hill to once again attempt to light the bonfire under our ex-first Minister, past failures to ignite Mr Salmond’s demise notwithstanding, every opportunity has to be taken in case it is indeed the final deathknell of oor Eck, all of them terrified in case they cannot claim they foretold his doom.

Each and everyone studiously ignoring the obvious question.

If not Russia today, where would Alex Salmon’s production company have been welcome.

Certainly not the BBC who would have drowned under the flood of letters and emails decrying their employment of the traitorous Mr Salmond, can you even begin to imagine the outcry. Pitchforks at Pacific Quay.

Questions in every Parliament in the land and threats of the BBC becoming pay to view as Murdoch smirked in some dark corner.

The media game is rigged, we know it’s rigged and our intrepid journalists know it’s rigged.

If either Mr Massie or Mr Torrance were supporters of independence where exactly do they think they would find themselves employed.

Okay Mr Massie would probably get a job as the pet independista employed to stave off accusations of bias, he writes well.

But Mr Torrance whose whole  career seems to be dependent on the rise of the SNP and especially Mr Salmond and Nicholas Sturgeon would no doubt be reduced to the blogger status he has such disdain for.

So I pose the question for a second time, if not Russian TV, where would Alex Salmon’s show have been given a home?

That is the crux of the matter, it would have no home and that is what in fact the Unionist press really would prefer. Alex Salmond with no voice no way to fight back. That is what the political opposition, the press opposition and the back in your box elite really crave. A silent Alex Salmon.

With the possible exception of course, of Mr Torrance’s bank manager.

As to Russia today if they really wanted to capture the attention of the Scottish public all they have to do is start to show Scottish football games live.

Now that really would be controversial.

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