Tuesdays Scottish Blogs






Wilderness of peace writes about how he remembers the victims of war and decides that it should really be each to his own when it comes to our thoughts around poppies and cenotaphs.


Indy ref two has its regular weekly report on BBC’s reporting Scotland.


Derek Bateman dissects the Unionist objections to Alex Salmon’s upcoming Thursday chat show on Russia today. And he doesn’t miss a single target.


Hollywood is goes with David Davies is confused assurance that Parliament will have a meaningful vote on any Brexit agreement.


Stuart Campbell takes the daily record to task for its inaccuracies and in a post yesterday continues a Twitter spat on to his blog with David Torrance.


Peter Curran over at Moridraalt chases down the Alex Salmon story with some thoughts on whether or not Russia today is the best place to be for the new chat show.


Wee Ginger Dug goes with a new BBC series about the love life of Betty from Windsor always good for a laugh.


Peter A bell at Scotto voce has been reading Richard Murphy’s blog and while agreeing with a lot of what Richard Murphy has said doesn’t think his solution,  a government of national unity, will work.


Eric Joyce’s from yes to no has an update on a previous piece about Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe the British/Iranian national being held on spying charges in Iran. He still thinks Boris Johnson can broker a deal to see her released shortly.


Common Space has a report from the Liberal Democrats’s Scottish conference, yes they had a conference.

Followed by a guidance document for responding to the consultation on the Scottish national investment bank from Common Weal.

They also have the details for the Ian Bell new writing award deadline for that is 30 November.

In an excellent piece from Ben Wrey the Edinburgh housing market is exposed in relation to the cap on Social Security being experienced mostly by single mothers and large families, a very informative piece.


Bella kicks off today with a look at the problems Brexit has created for the Irish.

Mike small gives us an in-depth report on the real Russia and how it uses the platform Russia today, if you’re going to watch the Alex Salmon show read this first so you understand exactly what the platform he has chosen to use is. After all fore warned is fore armed.

Next up an appeal for help in researching the alternative press history of Scotland.

Finally Mike small again with a piece about Trump’s apparent ease when it comes to police violence and those other leaders scattered round the world who don’t even try and hide their support for the murder of opponents.


A new addition to the blogs today, from Prof John Robertson who many will remember from his research into the mainstream media during the independence referendum in 2014. Thought control Scotland attempts to bring us the good news, and in today’s good news.

Peak oil 20 or 30 years in the future.

Aberdeen’s National hyperbaric Centre to double its income with £1 million of investment from the Scottish government thrown into help.

Scotland’s economy continues to show signs of good health and growth.

And October’s results for Scottish accident and emergency departments waiting times with a comparison with the English NHS.

This is a great wee blog with links to all the sources and I would recommend it to any one with an interest in the Scottish economy.




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