First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 010318

ScreenHunter_119 Mar. 01 14.53

ScreenHunter_120 Mar. 02 14.29

The politicians gathered in Edinburgh to debate (AKA bang their gums) in spite of the RED SNOW weather warning which cautions EVERYONE to avoid unnecessary travel. The First Minister even had the nerve to scold haulage companies for blocking key roads with unnecessary journeys by heavy goods vehicles which then got stuck.

Ruth Davidson (Tory) challenged the FM about another new investment bank announcement.

The FM said it was “VERY DIFFERENT”. Then followed an exchange about Scottish exports.

Richard Leonard (Labour) was concerned about the health of rough sleepers as one had died recently near the Parliament. The FM said that Scotland had very strong homeless rights. RL wanted a counting system like London to measure the situation. The FM agreed. RL wanted a ban on Winter evictions as in France and the FM agreed.

Patrick Harvie (Green) was concerned that employees should not be forced to work in extreme weather.

Willie Rennie (LibDem) supported University lecturers striking for better pensions.

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