First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 080318

ScreenHunter_131 Mar. 08 13.58

ScreenHunter_133 Mar. 08 14.03

 Not the most riveting of first Minister’s questions today.

Ruth Davidson went with the shortage of GPs banging on about a lack of planning, Nicholas Sturgeon simply pointed out to that things down south under a Tory government are worse, hardly inspiring.

Richard Leonard went with benefits and frankly left me more confused than enlightened I’m not sure whether he was asking for benefits to go only to the mums or he wanted them split between parents. There was very little explanation for the general public from him on the issue.


Patrick Harvey went with the Scottish youth Theatre’s lack of funding this year and asked Ms Sturgeon if she could possibly do something about it.


Jenny Mara pointed out that Tayside NHS is having funding problems, and would the Scottish government please give them some money, Nicola replied of course they would.


There were questions about the lack of prosecution of revenge porn accusations, the difficulty small business had with the present format of the apprenticeship scheme, and Murdo Fraser asked a question about kid safety online, were the guidelines and training being kept up-to-date.


Perhaps the highlight today was Mr Sarwar of labour kind of may be apologising for a mistake in reading some statistics about stop and search in regard to racial bias.


The final questions were in regard to the Scottish police authority from Liam MacArthur of the Liberal Democrats was it fit for purpose lame care of the Tories had a wee pop and finally Stewart Stevenson of the SNP weighed in as well the last two subjects were probably the most interesting brought up today.

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