First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 150318

ScreenHunter_161 Mar. 15 22.51

A rather interesting first Minister’s question time today, Ruth Davidson opening for the Tories with a question on Russia, foreign affairs, a reserved matter for Westminster. Then continuing with questions about Russia today which is licensed by Ofcom again, broadcasting, an area reserved to the Westminster government. Although full credit should be given to Ruth for managing to make insinuations about a certain persons, certain show without naming the certain person.

Hard on Ruth’s jackboot heels came Richard ‘who IS he’? Leonard, he’s the new Scottish branch the Labour Party leader incidentally, with a question on employment law. Yes you guessed it an area of law reserved to Westminster. Richard is new to Holyrood so perhaps he had no idea that Labour has resisted the devolution of employment law to the Scottish parliament since that Parliament’s inception maybe some of the older Labour MSP’s could remind him before he steps into oblivion.

Willie Rennie in an audacious move then actually asked a question that pertained to powers held at the Scottish parliament, unfortunately it was yet another question about mental health a favourite of Willie’s. I’m beginning to think Willie should take some responsibility for the rise in suicide rates in Scotland as I for one have been driven to despair by his repeated questioning on this subject. He may one day realise what the expression ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day actually means’.

The real highlight of the day was a question from Claudia Beamish on the soon-to-be enacted law on land reform and the various registers to be created regarding land ownership. Andy Whiteman, this being a subject close to his heart, questioned whether the legislation went far enough pointing out that much of the information he had hoped would be in the public domain is still being redacted from the information being handed out.

All in all not a bad first ministers questions with a lot of subjects covered as will be obvious from the discussion below.

















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