Scottish Blogs 3rd April 2018


Grumpy Scottish man a recent addition to our blog report questions the morality of the suggestion by Robert Goodwin you won’t be surprised to hear this gentleman is a Tory MP that the recruiting sergeants of our Armed Forces target our poorest communities via military academies. Mr Goodwin suggests a bit of military discipline in the schools of our most deprived areas would go some way to improve the ethos and discipline of these schools.

Might be a better idea to make sure the parents have sufficient funds to feed and clothe the kids, that way the kids might be fit enough to be accepted into the armed forces should they choose to join.

Staying with the Tories Autonomy Scotland provides a long list of Tory members and representatives who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law or at least failing to the moral heights they expect of others. Particularly enlightening due to the monstering on all media outlets of Jeremy Corbyn at the moment.

James Kelly over at Scott goes pop has a pop sorry about that at Pete Wishart’s wait till the time is right argument about when to call a second independence referendum. As ever Mr Kelly’s arguments are persuasive but read the article and make up your own mind.


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