Scottish Blogs 4th April 2018


Wings over Scotland has two pieces up in the last 24 hours. One entitled 29 years later which highlights Labour’s inability to keep its manifesto promises in a timely fashion. In the wings piece for today Stuart Campbell eviscerates the Scottish daily mail’s claim that Scottish drivers especially in Dumfries will pay more insurance due to well not really sure why it’s the SNP’s fault of course being the daily mail it’s bound to be the SNP’s fault.

Munguin’s Republic takes us into the world of army recruitment and what does get said to potential recruits and perhaps more importantly what is conveniently ignored.

Indy ref two gives a detailed account of the UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson’s interview with a German television station where he states categorically that a Porton Down employee assured him that the supposed Russian nerve agent had been identified as Russian manufactured. I fully expect to see this ending up as Boris once again claiming he misspoke. Maybe it’s time Mr Johnson realised that one of the main requirements of the Foreign Secretary is not to get caught Miss speaking as it can lead to very dire consequences.

Craig Murray has a piece today that not surprisingly highlights the shenanigans surrounding both the government’s stance on the source of the nerve agent used in Salisbury and what Mr Murray believes is government manipulation of the news surrounding the subject.

Pete Wishart has written a blog covering his viewpoint about the timing of a second independence referendum, worth the read as this debate will no doubt grow heads the longer the decision on a date for a second referendum is delayed.

Common space has five new articles up covering the Edinburgh anti-racist campaigners fight against Islam phobia, piece on endometriosis a life changing chronic debilitating condition which can affect one in 10 women. A piece on the left in Scotland view regarding Brexit in a short piece explaining why common weal will donate all profits from its Catalan merchandise to Carla Ponsati’s defence.

Bella Caledonia’s contribution mostly from yesterday yesterday has articles on fishing, Donald Trump and Duncan Hutchison’s solo Atlantic row.

Prof John Robertson’s blog thought control Scotland, I have to admit I love this blog of good news stories about Scotland, has pieces on hydro investment in Scotland the rising price of oil and touches on the two new oilfields recently discovered in the last fortnight his final piece covers the fall in bed blocking in Scotland. I’m very surprised that no Scottish journalists of the Unionist press persuasion ever seem to find their way to this excellent blog for some serious statistical and fact checking.

Autonomy Scotland has two pieces in the last 24 hours one covering the continuing one string of Jeremy Corbyn in the press over Labour’s alleged anti-Semitic views, follow-on really from yesterday’s blog. The second is a couple of video clips highlighting Boris Johnson is line regarding the nerve agent and Porton Down.

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