Scottish Blogs 5th April 2018


We kick off today with Munguin’s new Republic, he goes with an article entitled shredders busy, covering what I suppose is best described as the foreign office/Boris Johnson cover-up. And he covers the Novachok nerve agent fiasco with tweets and a couple of videos.

Our second blog today is Scott goes pop, James Kelly has recently being trading ideas with Pete Wishart regarding the timing of the second independence referendum and has linked to Ruth Wishart’s blog who in the round supports his position on timing of a second referendum. Ruth worships piece is well worth the read as always she makes her points succinctly and eloquently.

Wee Ginger dug as a guest piece by Samuel Miller as the dog himself is on holiday at the moment. Samuels article covers the tactics employed to keep the population in ignorance and the dangers that presents to Scotland’s future.

Our next blog is Craig Murray has two articles both of which continue to detail the Novachok cover-up. Both articles endorse his position which he set out weeks ago that there was no way to prove Russia produced the nerve agent. Again Mr Murray emphasises the UK government and its civil service is not to be trusted.

Common space has five articles up today covering the independence March organised for 5 May in Glasgow, a piece on the political repression in Catalonia, followed by the UK government being slammed for losing out on £500 billion North Sea oil wealth fund, the fourth piece gets into the anti-Muslim tweets produced by you Backed leave.EU campaign and finally it covers the GMB and unites birthday greetings to Abdul Ocalan sent via the British ambassador to Turkey.

Bella Caledonia highlights the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death with a short video of one of his speeches followed by an open letter to John Swinney from CND requesting action on the transportation of nuclear weapons on Scottish roads.

Grumpy Scottish man writes that the mandate for a second independence referendum is now and takes on Pete Wishart’s arguments with gusto.

As predicted yesterday Pete Wishart’s blog of Tuesday has certainly set the cat among pigeons. Several pieces today cover the issue, random public journal by Jason Michael is a strong piece on the subject and I must admit I have enjoyed his ability to turn a phrase. For instance his opening line “it’s high time the struggle for independence in Scotland made the leap from comforting the afflicted to afflicting the comfortable”. Mr Michael suggest we need to be a bit more scary when it comes to making our arguments.


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