Scottish Blogs 11th April 2018


Indy ref two goes with the topical discussion about the timing of the second independence referendum. Concentrating on the recent U-turn on timing by Jim Sillers and uses a couple of recent online polls suggesting that the majority are in favour of a referendum sooner rather than later.

James Kelly at Scott goes pop stays with the same subject of the timing of the second independence referendum but goes into Angus McNeill’s Twitter poll in a bit more depth explaining why although a self-selecting poll it’s important to pay attention to it.

Samuel Miller continues his good work at Wee Ginger dug the piece questioning why we put up with politicians who seem only concerned about votes and not giving us a better more inclusive country.

Autonomy Scotland has two pieces up one covering the eight challenges that Westminster faces to the devolved settlement if it goes ahead with its proposed power grab. His latest piece discusses David Mundells, Westminster’s man in Scotland, attitude to taking the democratically elected Scottish government which has a mandate to fight the power grab, to court. Spoiler alert he doesn’t seem to think it’s very important.

The Grumpy Scottish man is not happy about the possibility of war as he makes clear in his latest blog. In a blog from yesterday he quotes Theresa May apparently guaranteeing the EU access to UK fishing waters, that means Scottish waters as well.

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