Scottish Bog Report 17th April 2018


Indy ref two today’s blog covers the Esther McVie comments on the rape clause and the fact that the BBC has abstained in labour fashion from mentioning it on the news bulletins.

Munguin’s Republic goes with the Windrush story and the abysmal treatment of Caribbean British citizens by May’s government. He asks does it have ramifications for EU citizens at present resident in the UK.

Craig Murray reports on Robert Fisk’s report, from Douma, yes he is actually in Douma unlike other journalists who report with such certainty.

Peter a bell at Scotto voce stays with the timing of a second independence referendum and discusses Caroline Leckie’s view on the subject.

In his first article Prof John Robertson’s headline says it all, Scottish Chamber of Commerce describes first Minister’s trip to China is successful. BBC Scotland polish the biased by omission skills. Staying with the BBC the second piece discusses the accumulative effect of continual negative propaganda from auntie Beeb.

Grumpy Scottish man discusses the MPs, celebrities and business people who have come together to try to force a vote on the final deal around leaving the EU.

Random public journal has obviously been watching Leask of the Herald’s recent Twitter spat or maybe I should say yet another Twitter spat from Leask. Don’t think random public approves of Mr Leask’s position.

Bar head boy treats us to a wee rant on bias in the mainstream media and what we should do about it, good read and relevant to the bombardment those of us who support yes seem to be continually under from the British press in Scotland.








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