Scottish Blogs Wednesday 18th April 2018


Indy ref two has a piece today about e-voting, covering the Scottish government’s plans to trial and possibly in the future introduce this form of voting.

Munguin’s Republic has two pieces up today the first is about UKIPs call in Wales for an investigation into cleaning up Welsh politics. The second article is a series of questions he would like Mrs May and her government to answer regarding who she supports and sell arms to in the various conflicts around the world.

Wings over Scotland gives us a list of all labours abstentions in recent years and points out the words on a pretty gravestone, I hope there were some Labour red faces as they left their former comrade spinning in his grave.

Craig Murray starts this piece ‘living in Goebbels land’ with a couple of paragraphs about Robert Fisk’s report from Syria pointing out that the criticism of Fisk’s piece is coming from armchair journalists who are not on the ground. He then moves onto what for me is much more important, the SNP’s reaction to the Westminster governments criticisms and accusations of Russia. The points he makes certainly generate food for thought and all independence supporters should read this.

Wee Ginger dug with Paul Kavanagh back at the helm gives Jeremy Clarkson a prod and suggests that many in Scotland are fed up being led by Westminster’s warmongering. He also points out that trust is in short supply when it comes to statements emanating out of Westminster governments.

Peter a Bell over at Scotto voice publishes a piece based on the new deal brokered for BiFab, the fabrication yards,recently brokered by management, unions and importantly the Scottish government. Well worth a read this as I hope many will be noticing what Peter points out, solution based action from the SNP government.

Prof John Robertson’s blog talking up Scotland has three articles up today one covering his monitoring of our TV news reports which I think he’s going to do as a regular contribution to the debate. This is his specialty so we should pay attention. His second piece is a comparison between the BBC and the nonpartisan Insider magazine underlining previous points regarding bias. His third piece covers good news about Scottish universities and their ability to, as numerous Westminster more politicians would say punch above their weight.

Grumpy Scottish man has a swipe at Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and its policy of serial abstention.

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