First Ministers Question Review from Holyrood 130918

ScreenHunter_217 Sep. 13 16.00

Not the most exciting the first ministers questions we have ever reviewed, although it was interesting to note while Ruth Davidson is apparently on maternity leave when the BBC phone when it comes to First ministers questions she manages to get into the chamber.
Ruth kicked off with some obscure question about schools providing information to parents about their performance. I think she was referring to some sort of league tables but no party in Holyrood is going to mention league tables lest they get painted as neoliberals. Richard Leonard stole Willie Rennie’s thunder today and went with mental health all a bit subdued. The only leader with any fire appeared to be Willie Rennie who harped on about somebody objecting to P1s being assessed. Nicola took every opportunity to knock the ball straight back to each question.
Also mentioned today were ferries, asylum seekers, Montrose Port (seaport not drinking port) the transportation of calves, survivors of abuse, productivity, mobile coverage and the V&A museums opening in Dundee.
I think it’s safe to say the heather is safe as there were no sparks to set it alight.


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