The State of Things 130918


Stewart Lochhead & Norrie Stewart chew over the issues of today…

Xenophobia, Trump , Braveheart , culture , rallies , marches , tartan , Scottish , so called Yessers “my version of an indy Scotland” , worry about another Tory win in England , Marxist education , Gramsci , Maoism , officials running the country, Maggie a Maoist , Trump and the “swamp , Carter , Georgia Mafia , far right and Gramsci , politics as gangs , Brexiteers linked to Trump , telling lies , one Nation Tories , corrupt media , wealthy won’t suffer Brexit , Scotland not very small nation , post indy quick changes , land tax , land owners , untaxed land nationalised , courts now deciding constitutional issues , no written UK constitution , indyref needed soon , SNP MPs & MSPs ignored at Westminster , Holyrood sidelined , popularity of SNP government , lose an indyref & times could be chaotic , emasculation of Holyrood & Labour in England.


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