Aye Right Radio videocast 245 podcast 2 S3. Englishman Talking to a Scot

  Englishman Talking to a Scot

  • We focus on the Andrew Marr show followed by two articles in the Sunday Times by Alex Massie.  
  • In interview by Marr,  Northern Ireland FM Arlene Foster avoided the word ‘border’,  reminding us that it’s 100 years since the current United Kingdom union began and that the Brexit NI protocol can be ended by a Stormont vote in four years.  
  • Then in interview,  PM Johnson failed to affect Stewart’s blood pressure and revealed little for a Monday tabloid headline though Marr challenged him over what democratic tools were left for a pro Scottish independence voter if a fresh indyref was refused.  
  • Alex Massie returns to assist us in dissecting topical independence issues.
Opinions by Norrie Stewart, Stewart Lochhead

Audio podcast

Englishman Talking to a Scot

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