Aye Right Radio videocast 246 podcast 3 S3. Tazer the Weans

Tazer the Weans  

  • Don’t miss a five star rammie about Nicola Sturgeon in the second half of the show.  
  • We begin by reviewing the new Covid regulations outlined by FM Sturgeon.  Few surprises.  
  • There’s a brief summary of the political headlines from a Scottish viewpoint including Assange and Trump.  
  • Iain Lawson,  James Kelly and Peter A Bell all post thought provoking articles which we like.
Opinions by Stewart Lochhead, Phil Attridge, Jimmy Hutton, Norrie Stewart

Audio podcast

Tazer the Weans

One thought on “Aye Right Radio videocast 246 podcast 3 S3. Tazer the Weans

  1. Great stuff, today, lads. All of you made excellent comments and discussion points that need to be considered.

    Norrie, you are right that, in the pragmatic sense, we would want the FM to continue to lead us into the election and afterwards, to bring us independence – is she was ever going to do that, of course, which must, now, at least be questionable. There are only three options that explain the inertia: either she has been nobbled; or she is terrified of confrontation; or she does not want independence, but wants to hang on to power. No independence movement in the history of the world ever stated that it wanted to take one legal route and one only, which the opposition controls absolutely. It is madness on stilts.

    Jimmy: you are right, too. If the security services have a transcript of everything that has passed the lips of the SNPG (and, of course they would), and if the FM, as Wings asserts, as Craig Murray asserts and as Alex Salmond asserts (all with evidence, apparently) that she is up to her oxters in it, all they have to do is keep her in place to destroy independence for as long as she leads the party and government. They will be in a position to bring her down when it suits them, and if it suits them to do so just prior to the election, or just prior to a second indyref (assuming we ever got one), they will do that.

    I believe she has deliberately made it all but impossible for any other route to be taken now, certainly within the next 10-20 years, by the SNPG under her stewardship, and I really doubt that she has any intention of diverging from that route any time soon, so, basically, she will not allow the May election to become a plebiscitary one, she will not countenance any referendum that is not sanctioned by Westminster and she will not take any steps towards seeking an international solution either. Even if Mr Keatings wins his case, all that does is allow for an advisory referendum that: a) will be lost; b) ignored and declared null and void, Catalan-style. Our only hope are the other pro independence parties giving the SNP a big enough kicking that her administration topples after May and another election is called. I get no kudos from saying that because I voted for her and Mr Salmond, and I gave her every support possible until last year. Her whole, intransigent attitude towards our independence, the GRA reform, the hate crime bill and th Salmond affair have all sickened me.

    Iain Lawson’s blog (Monday) says it all: the Sturgeon loyalists are the real, fundamental problem. When the pandemic is tamed – and will there be an election, even? – she will be exposed in the sense of The Emperor’s New Clothes, but it will be too late for us. I know the polls are at almost 60% now, even without a campaign, but the Quebecois also thought they had it in the bag. No PRE independence referendum has been won anywhere in the world in recent years. None. That should be a sobering thought. Many are far, far too complacent, and many will make accommodation with Brexit when push comes to shove.

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