Aye Right Radio videocast 250 podcast 7 S3. Mark Hirst is Innocent

Mark Hirst is Innocent  

  • It was a busy Friday press briefing.   In our review we cover the disturbing numbers in hospital and the high death rate.   We discover that it’s anti-virus anti-bodies that matter and not who makes the vaccination.   Teachers and police officers will not jump the vaccination queue.   The FM is in total command as per usual.  
  • We discuss another ill-informed piece in the New Statesman about Gordon Brown and DEVO, this time by Chris Deerin
  • Joanna Cherry reminds us of historical precedent as the SNP head to a National Assembly that will discuss “the tactics and strategy on the route from here to Independence Day”.  
  • Mark Hirst has been acquitted of the politically inspired charge in relation to the Alex Salmond affair. 
Opinions by Stewart Lochhead, Norrie Stewart, Jimmy Hutton

Audio podcast

Mark Hirst is Innocent

3 thoughts on “Aye Right Radio videocast 250 podcast 7 S3. Mark Hirst is Innocent

  1. The problem with renegotiating the Treaty, Norrie, is that the HoL and several Westminster MPs have suggested this, but they want to renegotiate it as an Act. An Act is domestic legislation and is, therefore, subject to domestic law (the Acts of Union expanded on the Treaty and ratified it, leaving the Treaty intact in international law) with all the ramifications that would have for Holyrood and devolution. There would be no point in, and no legal locus standi for, renegotiating it as an international agreement because we would still be a devolved part of the UK. What they actually mean is that they want us to surrender its power which lies in its international character under international law.

    The Treaty, as it stands, is an international agreement between two independent, sovereign nation states. It cannot be renegotiated as a domestic Act without ceding its international character, and it is its international character that makes it the bugbear it is for Westminster and the English ruling elite. It could be, if handled properly by constitutional experts dedicated to Scotland’s best interests, dynamite for Scotland when it comes to negotiating withdrawal from the Union, but would probably undermine our case in a domestic situation if it became a domestic legislative device – because Westminster would step in and grab everything on the strength of it.

    This is the very thing that the late David Walker, Emeritus Professor of Public (Constitutional) Law at Glasgow University warned against, as did Professor Ian Campbell, latterly of Liverpool University, an an expert in international constitutional law, and a judge. Professor Walker, in particular, issued a grave warning about renegotiating the Treaty, because England, in 1707 had already given it an interpretation inconsistent with its intended legal and constitutional reality (that it was not a partnership, but a subsumption of Scotland by England which did not stand up to legal scrutiny, but which has been the belief held by many English MPs, and English people, ever since). He seems to be suggesting in his piece in the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland that we could find ourselves even more at the mercy of an unscrupulous English political class if we tried to renegotiate it. I have the greatest respect for this opinion of one of our finest legal minds – probably because it concurs with my own.

    Stewart: I’m not one of the Alphabet women, have been a Salmondite for as long as I can remember, on the left of the party, before I left, if you’ll pardon the pun, but I do not wish to come across as a smart a**e either, which is why I prefer to keep a low profile outwith my posts and comments. I’m not interested in kudos of any kind. Never have been, and my comments are just pointers and debating opinions for you, take them or leave them, nothing more. I enjoy the programme, and I just want to see an independent Scotland before I shuffle off this mortal coil – that, and the trans lobby soundly defeated and kicked into touch because they are a far more dangerous lobby (as part of a nihilistic movement that is pure totalitarianism) than just being misogynistic, but so few appear to realise yet just how dangerous and Stalinist the woke movement actually is.

  2. Norrie, Stewart, and Jimmy there is a really interesting Guest Post from Gayle Miller in the Barrhead Boy blog 7 Jan 2021 ‘ What is the “Treaty of Union” and where does Scotland go from here’

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