Aye Right Radio videocast 252 podcast 9 S3. Dubai Travel Ban

Dubai Travel Ban  

Today’s show is long on news and short on opinionators. 

The Covid press briefing covered the latest figures including vaccinations for the first time.  Hospitalised infections exceed the April peak and 1100 vaccination sites opened.  

  • Other topics include;
  • Court trials delayed.  
  • Dubai travel ban.  
  • Football inc Celtic FC stooshie.  
  • Stricter exercise rules.  
  • Vaccination supplies.  
  • Sturgeon V Salmond..truth?  
  • Covid rules enforcement.  
  • Covid deniers protest.  
  • Reform party launch.  
  • Online education delays.  
  • Kerevan article.  
  • BBC extended their briefing coverage to editorialise more. 
Opinions by Phil Attridge, Stewart Lochhead

Audio podcast

Dubai Travel Ban

2 thoughts on “Aye Right Radio videocast 252 podcast 9 S3. Dubai Travel Ban

  1. The last General Election was a plebiscitary election in that it was hailed as a ratifying election for Brexit and the negotiations, Phil. The Scottish elections/previously GEs had always been plebiscitary in the fact that it was taken as read that a majority of seats for the SNP = negotiations to withdraw from the Union. Alex Salmond changed that – for very good reasons, I think – in that he did not want Westminster to haggle, but no one has ever stated that a plebiscitary election would be illegal or that Alex Salmond’s action changed UK constitutional law. It cannot be constitutionally illegal unless the law has changed on the issue of elections as being the primary source of democracy either. It hasn’t, so Westminster does not have a locus standi to refuse or interfere or anything else. To suggest that Johnson could refuse us our independence is to hand over the right to independence to Westminster’s largesse, contrary to the Treaty. A plebiscitary election is very different from an advisory referendum in that the former is well within the power of the devolved administration, and, to take that power away, would be to emasculate the Scottish parliament and to subvert democracy itself in the UK. Any negotiations with Westminster would have to be held with due consideration of the Treaty and international law. It is, perhaps, time to stop acquiescing?

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