Aye Right Radio videocast 253 podcast 10 S3. Footy, Fish and Fascism

 Footy, Fish and Fascism  

  • The Covid briefing report is upbeat.  Current figures for Scotland have plateaued.  Future lockdown rules could include closing food take-aways plus click and collect.  ‘Stay at Home and don’t go out to socialise’ is the message from the FM.  People are also going out to ‘promenade’ says Stewart.  
  • FM Sturgeon continues to receive support in the latest surveys.  The food replacement for a £30 voucher gets roasted as does MSP Michelle Ballantyne who has abandoned the Tories for Nigel Farage’s latest fascist party.  
  • Our latest opinions about the Salmond affair come at the end of the show.
Opinions by Stewart Lochhead, Norrie Stewart, Jimmy Hutton, Phil Attridge

Audio podcast

Footy, Fish and Fascism

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