Aye Right Radio videocast 255 podcast 12 S3. A Lobster Rosette

A Lobster Rosette  

  • Our review is a Salmond V Sturgeon psychodrama-free zone but the press asked questions about it at the Covid press briefing which featured Dr. Nicola Steedman and Dr. Alisdair Cook supporting the FM.   
  • The figures revealed another peak in hospital capacity but otherwise levelling off.   
  • Issues included the Brazil variant and a vaccination plan spat with the UKGov. 
  • We discuss the seafood industry Brexit disaster.   
  • A new poll has the SNP looking very strong for the Holyrood election 2021 and support for independence is holding at 57%.   
  • Lesley Riddoch suggests the YES  movement is a healthy demonstration of citizen democracy.  
  • John Curtice says the new Farage party,  dubbed ‘REFUK’ , will damage Unionist parties at the election. 
Opinions by Stewart Lochhead, Phil Attridge, Jimmy Hutton, Norrie Stewart

Audio podcast

A Lobster Rosette

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